Always find north with this simple compass! Make sure you have an adult help you for this craft. You will need:

  • a bar magnet
  • a large bowl
  • a smaller bowl (needs to fit the magnet on the bottom)
  • a piece of cardboard or paper that fits over the small bowl
  • tape
  • a marker
  • water

Enter the Summer STEM drawing!

Enter to win STEM-themed prizes by sending us a photo of you doing one of these activities! Place the photo in the body of your email (no attachments) and send it to We’ll hold drawings at the end of the month!

Summer STEM – Charm the Dragon

Experiment with static electricity and charm a tissue paper dragon! Place your tissue paper over your dragon template. Trace the lines and cut out your dragon. Place your dragon on the sheet of tin foil. Bend the head slightly towards you. Rub your pen against the...

Teen Summer Crafts – Wizard Wand Pens

Create these wands and personalize them however you want! You will need: paper Glue pen (optional) paint (optional) paintbrush (optional) tissue paper

Summer STEM for Kids and Tweens

Summer STEM for Kids and Tweens This summer, we'll be doing video crafting focusing on STEM activities. Our Kids' Corner and Tween Scene web pages will have links to videos with the instructions and demonstrations for each craft activity. You can come by and pick up a...

Summer STEM – Coded Messages

Encode hidden messages with a crayon and water color paint! Use the white crayon to write out your message on a blank piece of paper. To reveal your message, paint over it with watercolors. Pro tip: Encode your message before writing it in white to add another layer....

Teen Summer Crafts – Harry Potter Bookmarks

Color these Hogwarts bookmarks. Don't forget the tassle! You will need: printed bookmark template (preferably on cardstock) yarn contact paper

Summer STEM – Parachute Knight

Experiment with air resistance by making parachutes! You will need string, a straw, a sandwich bag and/or coffee filter, and a toy figure.  Pull one of the strings through the straw. Cut off the zipper portion of the bag. Reach into the bag and pull both bottom...

Teen Summer Crafts – Dragon Eggs

Make these incredible dragon eggs! You will need: 150-200 thumb tacks styrofoam egg desired color(s) of fingernail polish

Summer STEM – Film Canister Rocket

Learn about Newton's 3rd Law with these film canister rockets! Do this activity with an accompanying adult. You will need antacid tablets and a film canister. In an OUTDOOR place, put one antacid tablet in the film canister. Do the next steps quickly: 2. Add a tsp of...

Sign up Grab Labs

  UPDATE: These kits have all been taken, but you can still watch the instructional videos to follow along with your own supplies!In place of our in-person STEM activities, we are offering these grab labs for kids ages 6-11. There are 29 kits available, so be...

Grab Lab – Hickory Dickory Water Clock

Water clocks have been used for centuries to tell time. Build your own using cardboard and cups! This week you will need: a long piece of cardboard 3 disposable cups 2 push pins a glass of water (not provided) a marker (not provided) a timer (not provided) Once you've...

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