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Junior fiction NOMINEES FOR 2023

Voting has ended for 2023.

Find all the nominees below.


1. The Bad Guys in Open Wide and Say Arrrgh!
By Aaron Blabey

WEIRD?! Nothing weird EVER happens in The Bad Guys. Like, you would NEVER see a chain-saw monster confronting a velociraptor who has eaten an …

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2. The T-Rex Attack
by Rex Stone

When Jamie and Tess discover a secret cave that lets them travel back to the time of the dinosaurs, a whole world of adventure awaits them. It’s …

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3. A Triceratops Charge
by Rex Stone

Dinosaur Club member Jamie meets a fellow club member while exploring his new home of Ammonite Bay, and together they discover some dinosaur …

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4. Minecraft: Zombies!
by Nick Eliopulos

Looking after a little sibling can be a real headache . . . especially when they’re a zombie trying to eat your brains! Life is good for Bobbie in the sleepy village of …

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5. Get Well, Eva
by Rebecca Elliott

When Eva hurts her wing, she visits the hospital and meets a new friend, Rocco, who has a broken leg–but wearing a sling for a week prevents her …

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6. Guarding the Invisible Dragons
by Tracey West

A nest of baby Invisible Dragons has been discovered in Aragon and the babies’ parents are nowhere to be found! The baby dragons need to eat the …

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7. Welcome to the Creature Café
by Jennifer Castle

One day while exploring the streets of Paris, kittens Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz stumble upon something very mysterious–a hidden, abandoned …

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8. Sunlight on the Snow Leopard
by Mary Pope Osborne

The magic tree house has whisked Jack and Annie to the Himalayas in Nepal. They’re searching for the mysterious Gray Ghost. Well, they’re supposed to …

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9. Pug’s Sleepover
by Kyla May

Bub the pug and his human Bella plan a pirate-themed sleepover with their friends and discover that even as the best-laid plans go awry …

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10. The Princess in Black and
the Mermaid Princess

by Shannon and Dean Hale

There’s trouble under the sea! Can the Princess in Black and her new mermaid friend put a stop to a big blue kraken’s shenanigans? The Princess in …

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Other Nominees

The Great Biscuit Bake-Off
by Jennifer Castle

Kittens Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse have just opened the most popular spot in Paris–a hidden cafe for animals of all kinds! Each kitten has their …

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Moonlight Mischief
by Linda Chapman

Do you believe in magic? Sita and her friends do! And when they meet the Star Animals, a whole world of adventure unfolds. When the residents of …

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Storm on Snowbelle Mountain
by Rebecca Elliott

Despite disagreements on the wisdom of the adventure, Rainbow Tinseltail and the other unicorns set out for Snowbelle Mountain to find out if …

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The Secret of the Himalayas
by Adam Gidwitz
and Hena Khan

The newest adventure in the bestselling Unicorn Rescue Society transports readers to the Himalayan mountains in Northern Pakistan! When Uchenna and …

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Mr. Ott is a Crackpot!
by Dan Gutman

A.J.’s class is going head-to-head against Dirk School in a charity softball game. The losing team must clean the winning school’s toilet with a toothbrush …

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Forces of Nature
by Patricia Lakin

Roscoe the raccoon happily lives alone in a junkyard, but when three visitors come looking for a new home, he discovers he can create more with …

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Just Dance
by Sarah Mlynowski

Put on your dancing shoes! Believe it or not, there’s a fairy named Maryrose LIVING in my house. And she’s sending me and my brother, Jonah, through the magic …

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The Big Audition
by Swapna Reddy

Millie’s favorite TV show is coming to town! One lucky person will get the chance to appear on the show, but is Millie brave enough to audition? All she …

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Leopard on the Loose
by Ron Roy

There’s something dangerous on the prowl at the San Diego Zoo in this latest addition to the beloved A to Z Mysteries Super Editions! Can you SPOT …

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The Weird Sisters:
A Note, a Goat, and a Casserole

By Mark David Smith

One spring evening, three strange visitors arrive in the town of Covenly. Sisters Hildegurp, Yuckmina, and Glubbifer are hoping to start fresh with a new …

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