Swap Meet of Ideas

The Madison Library District Presents

Friday, April 19, 2019
at the Madison Library District
73 North Center, Rexburg, Idaho
8:30 am to 3:20 pm


Join us for a full day of learning and fun! Bring your best ideas, and we’ll share some of ours.  
Bring your best ideas, and we’ll share some of ours.

In addition to the conference discussion sessions, we’ll have “Show and Tell” tables where you can display your great brochures, kits, or anything else you’d like to bring. 

(Think of it as a pot luck of prowess: a smorgasbord of delectable ideas and biblio-yumminess!) 

This event will be free, so we won’t be providing any food. Plan on either bringing your own food – we have fridges and microwaves – or heading to one of our close restaurants and places to grab snacks and coffee. You’ll want to bring your food back to the library – its also BYUI Move-In day, and there will be a LOT of people in town! 

Parking is free in our library parking lot. 

Schedule (so far!):

8:30 am – Meet and Greet your fellow librarians!

Session 1: 9:00 – 9:50 am – Meet together in the Community Room
Active Shooter Training with Officer Hirschi from the Rexburg Police Department

Session 2: 10:00 – 10:50 am

  • Community Room: Summer Reading Round Table: Successes, Struggles, Strategies, and Outreach
  • Activity Room: Reader’s Advisories for Adults
  • Biography Area: Organization Helps: Trello, To Dewey or Not to Dewey, etc.
  • Graphic Novels Area: Passion to Purpose with Patrick Bodily of the Idaho Commission for Libraries

Session 3: 11:00 – 11:50 am

  • Community Room: Online Fun: Scavenger Hunts, Blind Dates, Wandoo, Goodreads Challenges & more
  • Activity Room: Make an Ally: Sponsors, Foundations, etc.
  • Biography Area: Reader’s Advisories for Youth
  • Graphic Novels Area: Programs for Specialized Groups and Purposes: Nutrition, Adults with Disabilities, Talking Book Service, etc.

LUNCH: 12:00 – 1:20 pm – on your own
Grab some food and bring it back.  We’ll have Library Tours, Brain Storms and DRAWINGS! Be sure to browse the Show and Tell tables.

1:15 pm – DRAWINGS! In the Community Room – Be sure to put your name in!

Session 4: 1:30 – 2:20 pm

  • Community Room: Alternative Collections: Speedy Reader Kits, Binge Boxes, Seeds, Tools, Foreign Language, and endless possibilities (and how the heck do I catalog them?)
  • Activity Room: Adult/Teen Programming
  • Graphic Novels Area: Director’s Headaches and Housekeeping
  • Family History Center (in the Parking Lot of the Library): Genealogical Resources and Tools for All with David and Karen Magleby from the Family History Center

Session 5: 2:30 – 3:20 pm

  • Community Room: 3D Printers and Pens, Lego Clubs, and Other Maker Fun
  • Activity Room: Harry Potter Programming: Magic at the McKay, Birthday Party, etc.
  • Biography Area: Intro to Italic Calligraphy
  • Graphic Novels Area: ILS Roundtable: Coha vs. Polaris

Session 6: 3:30 – 4:00 pm – if you want to stay!

  • Library Tours
  • Brain Storms
  • Show and Tell Tables

To keep this event free, we won’t be providing any food or drink.  Here is a list of local places you can go to stock up! Or feel free to bring your own refreshments.

Local Eateries, closest to farther away:

Close to the library – Main Street

  • Taco Bell – 22 W Main St – in the same parking lot as the library
  • Broulim’s Deli / Kotako Korean Tacos – 124 W Main S – Inside Broulim’s supermarket
  • Jamba Juice (drinks) – 138 W Main St
  • Ramirez Mexican Food – 27 W Main St – across Main Street from the library
  • Great Harvest Bread Co. (sandwiches) – 19 East Main St
  • Original Thai – 10 East Main St
  • Fongs Chinese Restaurant – 26 East Main St
  • JB’s Restaurant – 150 W Main St
  • Pizza Hut – 163 West Main St
  • Dominos – 155 West Main St
  • Red Rabbit Grill – (comfort food) 155 West Main St, #8
  • The Churreria (Mexican) – 155 West Main St, #5

South of the library

  • Soup for You? – 52 College Ave
  • Gringo’s Mexican Restaurant – 43 South Center
  • Little Caesars Pizza – 26 West 100 South
  • Millhollow – (sandwiches, ice cream) 48 South 100 East
  • Jimmy John’s (sandwiches) – 109 South 2nd West
  • Kainoa’s Hawaiian Grill – 115 South 2nd West
  • Gator Jack’s (Cajun) – 160 W 2nd S
  • Taco Time – 274 S 2nd W
  • Righteous Slice (pizza) – 175 W 2nd S #100
  • Papa Johns (pizza) – 76 W 2nd S Ste A
  • Café Rio (Mexican) – 76 W 2nd S

North of the library – 2nd East

  • Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers – 42 N 2nd E
  • Sonic Drive In – 210 N 2nd E
  • June’s Place (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, pastries, sandwiches) – 259 N 2nd East
  • Pizza Pie Café – 240 N 2nd E
  • Subway (sandwiches)- 321 N 2nd E
  • Dairy Queen – 346 N 2nd E
  • McDonalds – 175 Valley River Dr
  • Jack in the Box – 461 N 2nd E
  • Arbys – 478 N 2nd E
  • The Hickory (burgers, barbecue & hand-cut fries) – 485 N 2nd E
  • Flat Rock Pizza – 485 N 2nd E St
  • Costa Vida (Mexican)- 485 N 2nd E Suite 108
  • Dongs Sushi Bar – 505 N 2nd E St
  • Wendys – 545 N 2nd E
  • Del Taco – 568 N 2nd E
  • Mandarin House (Chinese) – 222 E 7th N
  • Panda Express – 1490 N 2nd E – in the Walmart parking lot

Madison Library District


Taco Bell

Broulim's Deli / Kotako Korean Tacos

Sandwiches, Salads, Drinks, Korean Food

Jamba Juice


Ramirez Mexican Food

Great Harvest Bread Co

Sandwiches; Cookies

Original Thai

Fong's Chinese Restaurant

JB's Restaurant

Pizza Hut


Red Rabbit Grill

American, Comfort Food

The Churreria

Mexican Food

Soup for You?

Gringo’s Mexican Restaurant

Little Caesar's Pizza


Sandwiches, Ice Cream

Jimmy John's


Kainoa’s Hawaiian Grill

Gator Jack's


Taco Time

Righteous Slice


Papa John's


Cafe Rio


Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Sonic Drive-In

June's Place

Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Pastries and Yummies!

Pizza Pie Café



Dairy Queen


Jack in the Box


The Hickory

burgers, barbecue & hand-cut fries

Flat Rock Pizza

Costa Vida


Dong's Sushi Bar


Del Taco

Mandarin House


Panda Express

There are also some great eateries in St. Anthony (10 minutes north) and Rigby (15 minutes south) if Rexburg is too insane with the students.

Don’t forget drawings in the Community Room at 1:15 pm!

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