Story Time: Penguins with Sharee Barton

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Today we learned about penguins with National Geographic educator Sharee Barton! Check out our books, songs, and activities below.

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Ages 2-5

Sing, Talk, Read, Write, Play


We often build our on our children’s curiosity but don’t always know the answers to their questions. We can often discover in the answers together in books. Knowledge about the world, even in young children, is key to understanding. Combining a story and a factual book on nature or science helps expand children’s scientific knowledge.

- Lambert


Read aloud “Be Brave Little Penguin” by Giles Audreae and Guy Parker-Rees and a nonfiction book about penguins like “The Penguin, a Funny Bird” by Beatrice Fontanel. You may also want to recite “Three Little Penguins.”

Books Presented

Be Brave, Little Penguin by Giles Andreae

Pip-Pip, the littlest penguin, is teased for being afraid of the water until, with his mother’s guidance, he finally jumps in.

Five Little Penguins by Sally Hopgood

Five little penguins go off to play. Can you count them?

Penguins by Anne Schreiber

Learn about penguins and how they live. A National Geographic Kids book.

Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere! by Bob Barner

A parade of irresistible penguins from climates warm and cold swim, slide, and waddle across the pages of Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere! 

Songs, Rhymes, and Fingerplays

The Penguin Song

Have you ever seen
a penguin come to tea?

When you look at me,
A penguin you will see

Penguins attention
Penguins begin!

 (right flipper)
(left flipper)
(right foot)
(left foot)
(bob your head)
(stick out your tongue)
(turn a circle)

– The Learning Station

Five Little Penguins

(melody: “Five Little Ducks”)

5 little penguins waddling around,
The snow was slipp-ery and one fell down,
Weeeeeee…. in the water he went to play,
Now there’s 4 little penguins waddling today.

4 little penguins waddling around,
The snow was slipp-ery and one fell down,
Weeeeeee…. in the water he went to play,
Now there’s 3 little penguins waddling today.

3 little penguins waddling around,
The snow was slipp-ery and one fell down,
Weeeeeee…. in the water he went to play,
Now there’s 2 little penguins waddling today.

2 little penguins waddling around,
The snow was slipp-ery and one fell down,
Weeeeeee…. in the water he went to play,
Now there’s 1little penguin waddling today.

1 little penguin waddling around,
The snow was slipp-ery and he fell down,
Weeeeeee…. in the water he went to play,
Leaving no little penguins waddling today.

No little penguins waddling around,
The snow was slippery and none fell down,
Weeeeeee…. in the water they went to play,
5 little penguins swimming today.

– Patty Shukla


Crafts and Activities

Coloring Page

Print out this coloring page!

Make your own felt penguin!

Pick up our Story Time kit today or make your own using felt scraps and googly eyes.

Additional Books

The Penguin, a Funny Bird by Béatrice Fontanel

Describes the habits, characteristics, and habitat of penguins.

Feathered Friends by Book Dash

Two baby King Penguins think their friend looks funny… until they start to change themselves!

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