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Cinderella — With Dogs!
by Linda Bailey

Here is a Cinderella story like no other. When Cinderella wishes for a fairy godmother, she’s not expecting one that barks! And this fairy dogmother …

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Have You Seen Dinosaur?
by David Barrow

Best friends boy, dog, and elephant are VERY good at hide-and-seek. There’s a missing dinosaur in the city―who better to spot this elusive giant? They search …

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Bluey: Sleepytime
by Joe Brumm

It’s sleepytime at the Heeler house! Bingo wants to do a Big Girl sleep. As she drifts away into a dreamy adventure with Flopsy, will Bingo make it through the …

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The Library Fish Learns to Read
by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Library Fish is very happy in her bowl on Mr. Hughes the librarian’s desk. From there, she listens to story time and watches Mr. Hughes teach …

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5-Minute Nature Stories
by Gabby Dawnay

Written in engaging rhyming text, each real-life tale in this ten-story collection introduces one of nature’s wonders. And at the end of each story, children are …

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The Crayons Go Back to School
by Drew Daywalt

The crayons are getting ready to go back to school, and each crayon has a subject they’re looking forward to the most. They’re also ready to meet new friends …

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Pete the Cat: Show-and-Tell
by Kimberly Dean

Pete the Cat can’t wait for show-and-tell. He knows just what to bring—his baseball glove! But when he sees what everyone else is sharing, he …

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Oona in the Arctic
by Kelly DiPucchio

Oona is on a mission! A baby beluga whale has lost her way from her family and needs help getting back to her icy arctic home! But Oona and her …

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Llama Llama’s Little Lie
by Reed Duncan

When Llama Llama accidentally breaks Mama Llama’s favorite picture frame, he decides to tell a little lie about how it happened. In the end …

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How Dinosaurs Went Extinct
by Ame Dyckman

In this “safety guide,” a child in a museum asks their parents how the dinosaurs all became extinct. Well, their father has some …

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The Umbrella
by Beth Ferry

In a dreary town where it always rains, a little girl and her dog discover an unexpected way to spread the light. Told with surprise and humor, here is …

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In Every Life
by Marla Frazee

In every life, there is love and loss, hope and joy, wonder and mystery. With glowing art and spare, powerful text, Caldecott Honor–winning creator …

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Party Hearty Kitty-Corn
by Shannon Hale

Kitty has a grand idea. “Let’s throw a kitty-corn party!” But when newcomer Puppy messes up Kitty’s perfectly laid plans and …

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Daniel Says I’m Sorry
by Haley Hoffman

Daniel and his friends are having a great time playing pretend cars at preschool. But when Daniel keeps accidentally crashing into Katerina, she gets …

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Dive into Puplantis!
by Matt Huntley

An all-new storybook featuring Nickelodeon’s PAW Patrol—and new merpup named Coral! Are you ready for an underwater adventure in …

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Dinosaurs Don’t Exist
by Mark Janssen

Two brothers set off on a pretend expedition to find dinosaurs. Of course, everyone knows …

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Got Your Nose!
by Alan Katz

What happens when a good-natured game of “got your nose” goes too far—and one little girl’s nose runs free. Becky loves Grandpa Max. When he …

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The Monster Mac and Cheese Party
by Todd Parr

We all know kids love macaroni and cheese. But who knew monsters do too? In this story, the monsters hold a mac and …

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Milo’s Monster
by Tom Percival

Milo loves spending time with his best friend, Jay. But when a new girl named Suzi moves in next door, Milo starts to feel left out. The jealous feeling gets …

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The Three Little Guinea Pigs
by Erica S. Perl

Once upon a time there were three little pigs… three little guinea pigs! Their names were Rosie, Minty, and Pumpkin. They lived with their mama in a cozy little …

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Invisible Things
by Andy J. Pizza

If we could put on a pair of magical invisible glasses and see all the feelings, ideas, and other invisible things that populate our world, what would they look …

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Molly, Olive, and Dexter
Play Hide-and-Seek

by Catherine Rayner

Meet Molly the hare, Olive the owl, and Dexter the fox, three friends who live near the oak tree at the edge of the meadow. Hide-and-seek is Molly’s favorite game, but things aren’t …

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by Dan Richards

Nubby the stuffed rabbit is his owner’s favorite toy, but you wouldn’t know it from the way he’s treated. He’s been dropped, dragged, and …

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Max and Moonbean
by Rob Scotton

It’s the night before the big show-and-tell, and Max isn’t sure what to bring. He’s shy and worried that it will all go all wrong. But when a space creature named Moonbean crashes …

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Tap! Tap! Tap!
Dance! Dance! Dance!

by Hervé Tullet

Read, play, and DANCE on the pages of this interactive and definitely out-of-the box picture book. Hervé Tullet invites you to a joyful dance where …

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A Very Dinosaur Birthday
by Adam Wallace

What if dinosaurs showed up at your birthday party? From prehistoric presents to games crashing out of control and your snacks going extinct, it’s a dino disaster! Dinosaurs are …

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How to Catch a Bookworm
by Alice Walstead

Join the How to Catch kids as they try to catch a magical Bookworm! …

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Tooth Fairy Helper
by Christy Webster

Ride along with Uni on a magical adventure to help the Tooth Fairy! Are you a helper like Uni the unicorn? When someone you love gets a …

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Every Dreaming Creature
by Tammi Sauer

Welcome to a magical world of endless curiosity. You are a sleeping salamander. A dancing octopus. A speeding falcon…even a sneaking tiger and playful human child. As one …

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Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Sleigh!
by Mo Willems

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—for driving a sleigh! ’Tis also the season—for driving a sleigh! Oh, and joy to the—driving a sleigh! The Pigeon has made a list and checked it …

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