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Picture Books NOMINEES FOR 2022

Voting ended October 15!

Find all the nominees below.


1. Itty-Bitty Kitty-Corn
by Shannon Hale

Kitty thinks she might be a unicorn. She feels so perfectly unicorn-y! “Neigh!” says Kitty. But when…

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2. My Monster and Me
by Nadiya Hussain

A touching story about a little boy whose worry monster follows him everywhere he goes. It’s there when he gets dressed, when

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3. How to Spot a Best Friend
by Bea Birdsong

On her way to school, a girl explains to her mother the differences between a friend and a best friend in

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4. Let’s Taco About How Great You Are
by Bob Holt

Advice, pep-talks, smiles, and silly puns aplenty are DISHED out (see what I did there?) in this bright, festive gift

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5. Duck Duck Moose
by Mary Sullivan

Duck, Duck, and Moose are playing a quiet game of cards when their friend comes running to ask: Where is Goose?

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6. We Want a Dog
by Lo Cole

This hilarious rhyming texts takes us through twenty-seven unexpected and amusing varieties of dogs that one

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7. There’s a Superhero in Your Book
by Tom Fletcher

Whoosh! There’s a Superhero in your book! In this brilliantly interactive picture book, help your new

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8. Toasty
by Sarah Hwang

Toasty loves dogs–so much so that he’d like to be one. He knows there are some differences–most dogs have

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9. Bear Can’t Wait
by Karma Wilson

Patience might be a virtue but waiting is so hard! On a beautiful sunny afternoon, Bear can’t sit still because he’s got a

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10. The Good, the Bad, and the Spooky
by John Jory

Halloween is the Bad Seed’s favorite holiday of the year. But what’s a seed to do when he can’t find a

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by Katherine Battersby

When a very large bear moves in next door, Squirrel is sure he can only be trouble for her and her beloved pet ...

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I Don’t Want to Go to School!
by Lula Bell

It’s Mouse’s first day of school, and she is so nervous. She can’t eat her cereal, and she wonders what the children will be

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The Alpactory: Ready, Pack, Go!
By Ruth Chan

New experiences can be scary. It never seems like you’ll be 100% ready.  Should Marley pack 2 pencils or 25 for

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The Giggles are Coming!
by Chris Eliopoulos

Two best friends are so excited about the first day of school. They’re in the same class, their classroom is full of

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Moon Camp
by Barry Gott

Summer is here! But Jake doesn’t want to go to summer camp. Even if camp is on the moon. Sure enough, he gets

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Spring Stinks
by Ryan T. Higgins

Ruth the bunny is excited to share the smelly springtime smells of spring with Bruce! But what will

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Sophie Johnson, Unicorn Expert, is a Sports Superstar
by Morag Hood

Sophie Johnson is a self-proclaimed expert. She knows everything about unicorns and detective work, and

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How to Apologize
by David LaRochelle

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone knew how to apologize? Luckily, this humorous guidebook is full of

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The Whole Hole Story
by Vivian McInerny

Zia is used to the hole in her pocket—she frequently fills it with frogs and other objects. And as it gets bigger and

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by Andrew Root

Meet Fern! She’s a smart, creative unicorn who prefers building robots and coding software to jumping through

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Cows Go Boo!
by Steve Webb

On Farmer George’s farm, the pigs go “oink,” the sheep go “baa,” and cows go . . . wait, where did all the

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Follow That Food!
by Christy Webster

Best friends Waffles and Mochi know that delicious food brings people together. So, when they start new jobs at a

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Elephants Do Not Belong in Trees
by Russ Willms

Elephants do not belong in trees. It’s not natural. It makes other animals uncomfortable. This is the story of

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Sheepish (Wolf Under Cover)
by Helen Yoon

Wolf dreams of tasty sheep–sheep sandwiches, sheep sushi, sheep tacos! In his clever sheep costume, he infiltrates the

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Mustache Duckstache
by Amy Young

When a mustachioed rabbit spots a mustache contest, he’s sure he has the competition beat. That is, until a pesky frog hops

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