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Junior fiction NOMINEES FOR 2021

Voting has ended for 2021.

Find all the nominees below.


1. The Battle for Crystal Castle
by Geronimo Stilton

I, Geronimo Stilton, was surprised to be pulled back into the Kingdom of fantasy! The Harmony Stone had been stolen…

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2. The Bad Guys in Dawn of the Underlord
by Aaron Blabey

The Bad Guys – sorry, Shadow Squad-G – have finally saved the world from…

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3. The Winter Princess
by Debbie Dadey

Pearl is over the moon when she gets the fin-tastic news that she’s been picked to be the next…

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4. Hide and Seek
by Sarah Mlynowski

When Nory’s magic first appeared, her father wanted her to go to fancy, selective Sage Academy, where he is the headmaster. But Nory’s magic went upside down at the worst…

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5. Call of the Sound Dragon
by Tracey West

Magic from a wizards’ battle is destroying the city of Remus! A new Dragon Master named Tessa and her Sound Dragon, Sono, will need help…

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6. Narwhal on a Sunny Night
by Mary Pope Osborne

This time, meet famous explorer Leif Erikson and help save a narwhal! When the magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie to Greenland, they’re not sure what…

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7. The Madre de Aguas of Cuba
by Adam Gidwitz

In Cuba, it is believed that a mysterious water serpent–the Madre de aguas–is responsible for providing and protecting the fresh water of the island. But the serpent is missing…

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8. Bo’s Magical New Friend
by Rebecca Elliott

Bo Tinseltail loves going to Sparklegrove School with the other unicorns. Every unicorn has a magical…

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9. Bo the Brave
by Rebecca Elliott

Bo and the other unicorns of Sparklegrove Forest want to earn their Bravery Patch. Will they have to battle…

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10. Bo and the Dragon Pup
By Rebecca Elliott

Bo Tinseltail lives in Sparklegrove Forest, where lots of other magical creatures live. Bo and the other unicorns learn about dragons at school, but they have…

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Other Nominees

Iggy Peck and the Mysterious Mansion
by Andrea Beaty

Iggy Peck is an architect at his very core: When he’s not making houses out of food, his head is up in the clouds, dreaming of…

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Anna Finds a Friend
by Kate Egan

Before Anna saved Elsa in an act of true love, she was a young girl looking for…

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Stoop Sale Treasure
by Corey Ann Haydu

DEL loves LOTS of things! The Curious Cousins Secondhand Shoppe. Ginormous family dinners. And of course…

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At Last, Jedi
by Jarrett Krosoczka

As told through a mix of comics, doodles, and journal entries, Christina Starspeeder takes us on a new adventure at the advanced Jedi…

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Wondrous Rex
by Patricia MacLachlan

Grace’s aunt is a writer. She works with words every day and teaches Grace interesting words like “melancholy” and “delirious.”

But Lily is often…

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Abby in Oz
by Sarah Mlynowski

Follow the yellow brick road . . .I’m with my best friends Robin and Frankie (and my sometimes friend, Penny) when a TORNADO…

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Space Shuttle Scam
by Ron Roy

Mystery takes off in 3. . . 2. . . 1! Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are in Florida, visiting a space museum, Alice’s Space Shuttle. There, they get to check out

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Wayside School Beneath the Cloud of Doom
by Louis Sachar

Welcome back to Wayside School!

Your favorite students and teachers are all here. That includes Sharie, who loves her striped-and-spotted umbrella more than anything; Kathy, who has a…

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The Sticky Situation
by Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo and Trap decide to start making organic honey with the help…

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The Compass of Stars
by Thea Stilton

The search for the seven secret treasures continues. In this incredible adventure, the Thea Sisters come across…

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The Magic of the Mirror
by Thea Stilton

The Thea Sisters are summoned to the Seven Roses Unit by Will Mystery, but when they get there Will is…

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Diary of a Dummy
by R.L. Stine

What do Billy and Maggie McGee do when they find an abandoned ventriloquist dummy in an empty lot? They take him…

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Stick Dog Meets His Match
by Tom Watson

Stick Dog gets a…girlfriend?!

Well, not before Stick Dog’s day spins out of control first. As he and his friends work to rescue a hyper…

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Future of the Time Dragon
by Tracey West

Eko is in trouble! The dark wizard Maldred has trapped her with a powerful spell. To free her, Drake and Rori must find the…

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