Storytime: Uni-HORNS

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“U” is for “Uni- horns!” Children love unicorns, but have they discovered the creatures from the animal kingdom that also have one horn? The rhinoceros and narwhal, of course! Except in the narwhal’s case, it’s actually a tusk, or a “tooth” growing out of it’s mouth through the top of it’s head. Talking about uni-horns with your child can lead to discussions about what’s real and make-believe, prefixes to words like, “Uni-” which means one, and similarities and differences. So, have fun with the Uni-horns!

Join us Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. or Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Room.

Ages 2-5

Sing, Talk, Read, Write, Play


Helping children hear the smaller sounds in words, or the syllables, by clapping them out is one way to develop their phonological awareness. Children can hear the syllables more easily than each individual sound in words. – Reading Picture Books with Children by Lambert


Play “Super Duper 1, 2, 3! Can you say this word with me?” with your child. (The rhyme is below.) You can use your child’s name, a word that might be new to them, or a difficult word to say, like, “RHINOCEROS.”

Books Presented

I'm in Charge by Jeanne Willis

I'm in Charge by Jeanne Willis

This romping, rhyming story from award-winning author Jeanne Willis is all about a little rhino who likes to make the rules! When Rhino finds a tree bursting with fruit, he isn’t about to share it with anyone — after all, he’s in charge around here! But it looks like things might be about to change. With brilliant illustrations from Jarvis, this hilarious toddler-tantrum tale is all about being bossy and learning to listen to others.

Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima

Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima

Born deep in the ocean, Kelp is not like the other narwhals and one day, when he spies a creature on land that looks like him, he learns why.

Little Narwhal, Not Alone by Tiffany Stone

Little Narwhal, Not Alone by Tiffany Stone

Little Narwhal, Not Alone is based on the true story of an unlikely friendship. A young narwhal, venturing too far from home, becomes lost and is adopted by a pod of beluga whales. Poetic language and playful illustrations take readers along on Narwhal’s unexpected and amazing journey. At the back, helpful facts about narwhals and belugas are included from a marine biologist.

There's a Unicorn in Your Book by Tom Fletcher

There's a Unicorn in Your Book by Tom Fletcher

There’s a unicorn in your book! But this unicorn doesn’t seem very happy… Can you help get rid of the worry gremlins and cheer this unicorn up?

Songs, Rhymes, and Fingerplays

Super Duper 1, 2, 3

Will you say this word with me? rhinoceros
Presenter:                                        Child & Presenter:
Say it! Rhinoceros.                         Rhinoceros.
Clap it! RHI-NO-CER-OS               (Child and presenter clap:
(Clap hands for each syllable.)        RHI-NO-CER-OS.)
Snap it! RHI-NO-CER-OS              (Child and presenter snap:
(Snap fingers for each syllable.)      RHI-NO-CER-OS.)
Tap it! RHI-NO-CER-OS                 (Child and presenter tap:
(Tap knees for each syllable.)          RHI-NO-CER-OS.)
Say it!                                              RHINOCEROS!

Unicorn, Unicorn

Unicorn, unicorn
Where can you be?
Are you behind the _______ tree?

The Rhinoceros

(Tune: 10 Little Indians)
The rhinoceros moves like this and that
He’s terribly wide and he’s terribly fat
The ground underneath his feet gets worn
but on his snout, look at that horn!

Credit: Miss Mariah’s Library

If You’re a Uni- and You Know it

If you’re a uni- and you know it, shake your horn.
If you’re a uni- and you know it, shake your horn.
If you’re a uni- and you know it, then you really ought to show it.
If you’re a uni- and you know it, shake your horn.

…stomp your hooves (rhinoceros)
…swim around (narwhal)
…twitch your tail (unicorn)
…wallow in the mud (rhinoceros).

Two Baby Narwhals

Two baby narwhals swimming in the sea
One named Brett and the other named Bree
Swim away Brett, swim away Bree.
Come back Brett, Come back Bree. 

Crafts and Activities

U is for Unicorn coloring page

U is for Unicorn

Unicorn craft<br />

Rocking Unicorn Craft

Make a rocking unicorn

Additional Books

Perfectly Pegasus by Jessie Sima

Perfectly Pegasus by Jessie Sima

Nimbus has always lived among the clouds. She’s a pegasus, after all, and the sky is where she belongs. She is one of a kind. And when she wants a friend, all she has to do is look up—and talk to the stars. Only…they don’t really talk back. The clouds don’t, either. And sometimes, being the only pegasus can be a little…lonely? So she decides to find a fallen star to make a wish on—and wishes for friends who are just like her. Along the way she meets a Unicorn named Kelp, and a host of other creatures…who might just open her eyes to something other than what’s up in the sky.
We Are Going to Be Pals! by Mark Teague

We Are Going to Be Pals! by Mark Teague

A talkative cattle egret explains to a rhinoceros that in addition to having a symbiotic relationship, they also have a friendship built on communication, kindness, and a respect for boundaries.

Glitter by Stella J. Jones

Glitter by Stella J. Jones

Gloria the rhino loves glitter. She has glitter slippers and a glitter scooter, and she spreads her sparkles wherever she goes; here, there, and everywhere! The townsfolk, though, are tired of it. No more glitter, Gloria! they tell her. But soon, the entire town is covered in glitter. What will everyone think now

Layla, the Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish

Layla, the Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish

It’s not easy to fit in when you stand out. When Layla arrives for her first day of school at Unicornia, the school for unicorns, she realizes that she’s not like the other kids there. They’re all pastel colors and know the rules to Horn Ball and none of them come from the Woods like Layla does. Try as she might to make friends, Layla’s just . . . different. But when her class gets lost during a field trip to the Fiddle Dee Deep Forest, it’s up to Layla to step up and save the day.

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