“The Beast is an Animal” by Peternelle van Arsdale

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Atmospheric and eerie, The Beast is an Animal is a tale of power and suspense, prejudice and fear. When the village is faced with hardship, the blame is placed upon twin daughters, born to the farmer who lives at the edge of the forest. In order to save them from death, the farmer moves his wife and daughters into the forest, promising to bring them back when the village is more prosperous. Over the years, he comes to visit less and less, and soon the girls find themselves alone, living in the forest. And becoming part of the forest, something new, yet old. Something terrifying. And they are set to take revenge upon the village that cast them out.

In the village, Alys is the only one awake when the sisters come, and she alone is left to discover the carnage they leave behind. All children were spared, and a traveler sends word to a neighboring village of their plight. But all is not well, as the new village does not accept these children as their own, and they are left outside the Gate to defend the town. Can they fight off the evil lurking in the forest? Or will the sisters finally get their prey? Only Alys stands between life and total destruction.

This was a great read. The writing was very descriptive, pulling the reader into the setting and creating tension and suspense. I recommend it for fans of gothic tales as it had much the same feelings of oppression and impending doom.

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