Story Time – January 14 and 15, 2020

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10:30 am in the Community Room – ages 2 to 5

In January, we learned about the letter “S.”

This Week, We Learned About Sneezes and Sniffles.

Tip:  Teach your child what they can expect if you have to visit a doctor’s office. These places are often scary, but the library has plenty of books about seeing a doctor.

Craft Activity

Band-aids and tissues can make lovely butterflies!

Songs, Rhymes, and Fingerplays

Five Little Monkeys

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed.
Ahhh choo!
“I feel sick!” one of them said.
Momma called the doctor and the doctor said,
“Cover that sneeze, wash those hands, and put that monkey in his own bed.”

Four, three, two, one…

One little monkey jumping on the bed.
Ahhh choo!
“I feel sick and tired,” he said.
Momma called the doctor and the doctor said,
“Cover that sneeze, wash those hands, and put that monkey in his own bed.”

All the little monkeys were lying in their beds,
Resting all day when each of them said,
“We feel better. Let’s have some fun!”

Then five little monkeys hopped out of bed.

All the Little Germs

All the little germs, dirty and mean,
Hiding on your hands, (point to where they’re hiding)
Where they cannot be seen.
Wash them, (rub hands together)
Scrub them, (rub knuckles together)
Rinse them away. (whisk hands across each other)
Then we’ll have clean hands, (hold hands out palm up)
Hip, hip, hooray! (jazz hands!)

The Elevator Song

tune “Do Your Ears Hang Low”
Oh, the city is great, and the city is grand!
There are lots of tall buildings on a little piece of land.
Oh we live way up on the 57th floor
and this is what we do when we go out the door.
Take the elevator up, take the elevator down
(3 times)
Then we spin around!

Tops and Bottoms Handwashing song

(tune “Are you Sleeping”)
Tops and bottoms, tops and bottoms
In between, in between.
Scrub them all together, scrub them all together
Now they’re clean, squeaky clean!

Books Presented

Pigs Make Me Sneeze!
by Mo Williams

In Pigs Make Me Sneeze!, Gerald believes he is allergic to his best friend! Will he have to stay away from Piggie forever?

Find it in our Catalog

by Alexandra Sly

There’s something in the air–pollen, dust mites, mold spores, dust, goose down, cat hair, pepper, flu viruses, and bright light–that’s causing these nine kids to sneeze. 

Find it in our Catalog

Germs Are Not for Sharing
by Elizabeth Verdick

Achoo! Cough! F-L-U-S-H! What to do? In childcare, in preschool, at home, and everywhere, toddlers need to learn that germs are not for sharing.

Find it in our Catalog

Bear Feels Sick
by Karma Wilson

Autumn has come to the woods, and Bear doesn’t feel well. He sniffles and sneezes. He cannot sleep. He aches all over. Worst of all, he’s feeling too poorly to play with his friends.

Find it in our Catalog

One Cow Coughs: A Counting Book for the Sick and Miserable
by Christine Loomis

All the animals in the barnyard are sick: two mules moan, three sheep shake, four hens hold their heads that ache . . . and ten turkeys weep at the welts on their knees. No need to worry, help is in store.

Find it in our Catalog

Additional Books

Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Great Big Book of Tiny Germs
by Bill Nye

Germs, germs, everywhere! Did you know that: – Some germs are good for you, or even delicious? Find out how more about germs and how to stay healthy, with eleven cool experiments.

Find it in our Catalog

Do Not Lick This Book: It’s Full of Germs
by Idan Ben-Barak

Min is a microbe. She is small. Very small. In fact so small that you’d need to look through a microscope to see her. Or you can simply open this book.

Find it in our Catalog

A Germ’s Journey
by Thom Rooke

Where did your cold germ come from? And ACHOO! Where is it going next? A germ’s journey is filled with snuffles, sniffles, and sneezes.

Find it in our Catalog

Llama Llama Home with Mama
by Anna Dewdney

Ah-choo! Uh-oh, Llama Llama’s nose is feeling tickly, his throat is feeling scratchy, and his head is feeling stuffy. Back to bed, no school today for Llama Llama! Instead, he’s home with Mama.

Find it in our Catalog

The “Get Well Soon” Book: Good Wishes for Bad Times
by Kes Gray & Mary McQuillan

Cynthia the centipede, Harold the hamster, Tiffany the turtle, and other animals suffer from various injuries or illnesses.

Find it in our Catalog

Early Literacy Tip:

Sharing stories is a great snugly activity when children aren’t feeling well, make sure to have plenty of books at home.


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