Artemis by Andy Weir – Suspense in Space

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Adult Arena, Blog, Staff Picks | 0 comments

It’s really impossible not to make comparisons between Andy Weir’s new novel, Artemis, and his prior blockbuster, The Martian. The protagonist here lacks the hero quality of The Martian‘s Watney but possesses his brilliance and humor.

Jazz is the genius that could have done anything, but refused. Instead of an extreme tale of survival, there’s an extreme caper gone horribly awry. The plot is even more tightly crafted and accelerates to a breakneck speed. Weir appears to be creating a whole new fiction genre, the believable and scientifically sound sci-fi thriller. It wasn’t a genre I was aware that we needed; but having had a two tastes, I now need more.

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