Toddler Time and Book Babies – April 27 and 29, 2020

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Toddler Time and Book Babies – April 27 and 29, 2020

Toddler Time for ages 10 to 23 months – 9:45 am Mondays (April 27)

Book Babies for ages 0 to 9 months – 9:45 am Wednesdays (April 29)

The rain in Spring seems to awaken the world outside and the mind of a child.

This week during online Book Babies and Toddler Time, we read books about Spring and rain. We also played with scarves. If you don’t have see thru scarves, a handkerchief, or even light fabric cut into squares will increase their sensory awareness when you play with them.

Remember to sing, talk, read, write, and play with your child every day!

Early Literacy Tip and Activity:


Scarves are a great way to “play” with your toddler and baby. It enhances their development and builds positive sensory moror skills. “Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development.”


  • Swaying scarves along with music can encourage self-regulation skills.
  • Playing peek-a-boo helps develop object permanence.
  • Tossing scarves back-and-forth develops fine motor skills.
  • Using scarves to hide objects helps develop focus and memory skills.
  • Dancing with scarves as they follow cues enhancing listening skills.
  • Try these activities from First Things First

Welcome Songs

Here We Are Together

Here we are together, together, together!
Oh, here we are together in our library.
There’s (sing names)
Here we are together in our library!

Hello Everybody

Hello everybody let’s clap our hands*,
clap our hands,
clap our hands.
Hello everybody let’s clap our hands today!

*pat our head, stretch up high, wiggle our fingers, tickle our knees, kick our feet, bounce up high!

S, T, R, W, P

(Sing while pointing to each finger on your child’s hand.)

Sing, talk, read, write, play!
Sing, talk, read write, play!
Sing, talk, read, write, play!
Sing, talk, read, write, play each day!

Books Presented

Bears and Blossoms
by Shirley Parenteau

When Big Brown Bear and the four little bears notice that the trees are shimmering in the wind with spring blooms, they know just how to spend the day: a picnic.

Five Little Ducks
by Raffi

This lovely counting song will invoke squeals of delight from babies and toddlers. They’ll love counting down as first five little ducks, then four, then three, then two, then one go out to play, not to return.

Kitten’s Spring
by Eugenie Fernandes

It’s a bright spring day in the farmyard and Kitten is meeting all sorts of animals and their young, including frogs and tadpoles, owls and owlets and many more.

Find it in our Catalog

The Ants Go Marching
by Priscilla Burris

Preschoolers will delight in this fun, repetitious rhyme with adorable ant characters. Watch as they march one by one, two by two, and all the way up to five by five toward a surprise ending!

Find it in our Catalog


Baby Loves Spring
by Karen Katz

It’s springtime and Baby is taking a walk. What does Baby see?
Who is tweeting in the tree?
Look! It’s baby robins!

Find it in our Catalog

Bouncing Rhymes

Dickery Dean

What is the matter with Dickery Dean? (Bounce on knee)
He Jumped right into the washing machine. (Lift up baby).
Chug, chug,chug,chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, (Bounce with turn)
Nothing’s the matter with Dickery Dean.
He jumped in dirty (Lift up baby) and he came out clean. (Hug baby)

Rain is Falling

Rain is falling down, splash!
Rain is falling down, splash!
Pitter, patter, pitter, patter.
Rain is falling down, splash!
Sun is peeking out, peek-a-boo!
Sun is peeking out, peek-a-boo!
Peeking here, peeking there,
Sun is peeking out, peek-a-boo!

Scarf Songs and Rhymes

Jack in the Box

Jack in the box sits so still.
Will he come out?
Yes, he will!


The Rain

Pitter-patter raindrops,
falling from the sky.
here is my umbrella
To keep me safe and dry.
When the rain is over
And the sun begins to glow,
Little flowers start to bud
And grow & grow & grow.

-I’m a Little Teapot by Jane Cobb

Popcorn Kernels

(Tune: Frere Jacques)
Popcorn kernels (wave scarves overhead)
Popcorn kernels
In the pot (bunch scarves up in fists)
In the pot
Shake it, shake it, shake it (shake fists)
Shake it, shake it, shake it
Til they pop (throw scarves)
Til they pop

Rain on the Rooftop

Rain on the green grass
Rain on the tree.
Rain on the rooftop.
But NOT on me!

Rain on the dog…
Rain on the cat…
Rain on the elephant…

~ Traditional

Craft Activities

Craft Activity

Thread scarves or cut up tights through a cardboard tube and let Baby pull it through from the other side. Show them how this is “in” & “out”. It also teaches the elementary procedure of cause and effect; if I pull this way, the end of the scarf will also move in the same direction.

Craft Activity

Cut pieces of fabric or an old shirt into squares and push them into an empty tissue box. Baby will love pulling them out and learning to put them back in. This also teaches the concept of “in” and “out” and encourages fine motor development.

Signing Songs

(tune “The Farmer in Dell”)


We love to PLAY like this,
we love to PLAY like this.
When we’re happy and want some fun,
we love to play like this.

“Good Job”

We say GOOD JOB like this,
we say GOOD JOB like this.
When we’ve done something very well,
we say GOOD JOB like this.

Additional Books

Babybug Magazine
March 2015

Read this wonderful magazine aimed at the smallest members of the family.  This issue is all about Spring!

Click to Read This Issue

Catch a Ride on Raindrops by Storyweaver 

Little Blue Truck’s Springtime
by Alice Schertle

Celebrate the beauty of springtime with Little Blue Truck! Young fans will love finding all sorts of baby animals beneath the flaps in this delightful novelty board book.

Find it in our Catalog


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