The Night Fairy

by Laura Amy Schlitz

The Mother Daughter Book Club meeting for this book was held October 18, 2018, at 6:30 pm in the Community Room.

Book club reading copies were available for checkout from the circulation desk about a month prior to the meeting.

What would happen to a new night fairy whose wings were accidentally chewed off by a sleepy hungry new bat? Flory, acorn-size, with a single small sting spell, finds the world very big and dangerous. Depicted in the lush back garden of an old giantess, garbed in delicate softly tinted petal gowns, she fiercely practices her sting, swings a thorn dagger, bribes always hungry squirrel Skuggle, and seeks to ride an iridescent hummingbird – to transform her nature into a day fairy instead.

Ratings and Reviews from the Librarians

Vivian rated it ★★★ and said “Adventure, survival, negotiating, rescuing, learning to trust, learning to adapt — all this and more in this beautifully illustrated and enchanting little book.

This would make a wonderful read-aloud in the early grades or in the home. There are plenty of big questions to stop and talk about. For instance, how Flory handles her difficulties and how they change her or might have changed her depending on the choices she makes and her actions.

Follow up studies and activities about the flora and fauna she encounters would engage the imaginations of children and adults alike. Use this novel as a springboard to exploration!”

Bekka rated it ★★★ and said “This is a cute little book! I liked that the fairy was as feisty as she was. Not a typical fairy story, but a great read!”

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